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Hi Vas, You did your research really well and the right choice for the beach is the AT Pro, it has 5 stars from reviews. It’s a tricky question, I think that finding iron stakes will be easy with any detector, but you’ll have to watch out for humidity as well.

Click here to read my in-depth guide to choosing the best metal detector for kids. The only real con to using a multi-frequency machine on the beach is that you won’t get the type of depth you would with a PI – although it will still be excellent.

After all, the last thing you want is the detector signals being disrupted while moving from sand into water. A smart thing to do is invest in high quality all-purpose metal detectors that can identify natural gold, gold coins and gold jewelry. If you want to search for buried treasures and relics, you need metal detectors that are made for serious hunters. An interesting thing to note here is that you can find a number of all-purpose detectors these days that work for detecting everything from gold and coins to even rings and other jewelry.

Techies will dig the LCD display that provides all of the detectors information including the detection mode, battery and sensitivity level, and beep volume. You’ll dig the large, 10″ search coil, which gives you a large surface area to search on.

If you’re in areas of extreme mineralization such as black sand in a stream bed, then a PI will likely be your only option as it will see through metal detector price the ground and not false. Lower frequency VLF and PI machines will handle high mineralization much better than high-frequency VLF.

This metal detector was easy to assemble and didn’t require a screwdriver or any other tools. It has discrimination and notching capabilities as well, so you can personalize this metal detector to hunt for specific kinds of metal. Finding that treasure or passing it over may very well depend on the model of the metal detector that you are using. The Ground EFX – MC1 Youth metal detector was the only youth detector that we got our hands on. As far as functionality goes, the BARSKA – Winbest Pro metal detector operated about on par with the New Home Innovations.

You can set the discrimination mode to weed out all the junky iron signals you don’t want, which means you spend your time on precious metals that are worth the dig rather than useless junk. While all beaches have a lot of metal that will set off your detector, freshwater beaches tend to have more junk metal hits than a saltwater beach does. If you want to dive right into underwater metal detecting, you need a model that can be submerged completely. If you simply want to dig around in your backyard or local parks, you don’t need a machine as sophisticated as the one you would need when hunting for pirate’s treasure on wet beaches or underwater. The most common modes include Jewelry, Coins, All-Metal, Relics (which is a useful mode if you’re looking for Civil War relics, for instance), Beach, and Prospecting.

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Discrimination – The only type of discrimination that we’ll encourage here at Gear Hungry. Lightweight and well-built, especially for a kid’s version, you can sit back, relax and crack a beer, the next generation of treasure hunters is on the case. To make it even more effective, the discrimination settings eliminate unwanted objects, giving your kid a clean sweep over the land.