How to test Baltic amber with UV flashlight

There are lots of happens for you to buy an item manufactured from amber and yes it became fake. Such case it’s essential to choose the right boutique prior to buying and do not buy amber from merchants to the street. In Russia if you would like be certain in quality you ought to to contact with professional consultants on the company Elephant. Choose to saving time? Then you can purchase through their internet site Amberholding. They’re presence of over 3000 products from Baltic amber! But how to handle it for people who shouldn’t experience of specialists or planning to buy amber beads or necklaces in another boutique?


Many buyers are led astray by made from from the stone. Evidently , a real Sunstone might have not only the most common Golden yellow hue but will also pale orange, white, yellow, green, cherry red, brown lightly as well as blue. Don’t fret this is not a symptom!

Opting for this product tote around some wool fabric. If it is possible rub the stone about it and after that bring the hair for it: if you notice the attraction then it is natural amber.

Pay attention to your heartaches: real amber is often warm and light.

Experts from Elephant boutique from Svetlogorsk states that under any circumstances it can not be cold. Also it’s very uneven naturally when untreated so the finished products could also have cracks and flaws, the remains of crusts this just speaks about its naturalness.

Make sure you read through the amber for the sun. If you see hook glow-feel liberated to pay! You’ve got purchased a quality product.

Don’t forget about the salt water. It can dispel any doubts. Dip a stone in the liquid watching it. Proceed to the bottom? Then this is certainly fake.

As well as the last approach is an ultraviolet flashlight. By taking plastic and an item of amber shining concurrently UV flashlight you may immediately view the difference: the plastic will remain powerful piece and amber is going to be highlighted blue like a Moonstone.