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up to the election.).Renmen nan k relasyon ont te appel comme tr konplike. Yo konnen pou yo f jan sa dwe ft kk moun ki te swe. Renmen se pa biznis poko konn anyen. Friends, we have gathered here to celebrate and remember Amir Vehabovic, who left us far too soon at the tender age of 45. Amir, a native of Bosnia, turned up dead of mysterious causes in March of 2007 , but damned if there wasn’t a bona fide certificate of death and a real coffin delivered by the undertaker to be placed six feet under. We’d like to tell you hundreds turned out to bid a fond farewell to their passed friend.

We were fortunate to see the show in Vegas and this CD takes us back to the days of Frankie Valli AND that fabulous trip. The CD will keep you lip syncing and be-bopping. Great music performed by the original Broadway cast. You’ll believe Frankie and the Boys are in your living room!
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